Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where did the seedlings go?

In the tummy of a greedy snail thats where! James spotted a snail wandering along the fleece covering my salad bed this morning and kindly went out and removed the little blighter. On closer inspection, it had only gone and munched its way through over half of my lettuce seedlings! I am now on a mission to stop this slimy army from eating my veggies before I do!

I have already put down organic repellent granules around the broad beans and beetroot and I've put a band of copper tape around the nasturtiums container. I'm now going to have to step up the protection of the salad bed. The fleece is to stop the local cats from digging holes and using the soil as a litter tray whilst the seedlings are still tiny and there is a lot of bare soil.

I am going to try various barriers to keep the slugs and snails from eating everything. I'm guessing they can't or don't like to climb over sharp edges so I'll try a border of copper tape around the beds with a jagged edge at the top, repellent granules around the base of bigger plants or as a border around a group of seedlings and if that isn't enough I might look into slug traps. So far the hardest part of growing veg has been preventing the wildlife from getting near everything to poop near/eat/dig up my lovingly grown plants!

To make myself feel better after the loss of the lettuce, I grabbed my camera to take a few snaps...

Coriander 'Cilantro' starting to show more than seed leaves

The first broan bean flower!

All 4 courgette seedlings are coming up...

Tagetes growing nicely in the nursery

5x Auberine 'Little Finger'

6x Tomato 'Tigerella'

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