Tuesday, May 13, 2008


After a failed first sewing of peas outdoors (slugs... again) I managed to get a load more seeds sown yesterday in pots indoors. Once the shoots are large enough to handle and transplant, I'll harden them off briefly then get them in the ground.

I'm growing 4 types of climbing peas/beans this year and have sown seeds for:

Pea 'Ambassador' (A pea-pod type pea)
Pea 'Ezethas Krombek Blau' (A purple mange tout)
Runner Bean ' Scarlet Emperor' (Apparently a traditional variety, not red though as the name suggests)
French Bean 'Neckar Gold' (Skinny, stringless and yellow in colour)

I also managed to sow some wild rocket seed and some mint seed and also repotted my greek basil seedlings which are looking pretty good so far and even though they are tiny, they still give off the most amazingly strong basil scent!

Very pleased to have got all of this sowing underway with my recent stretch of immobility. Now I just need to slug-proof the raised beds ready to plant out!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better and can start to enjoy your garden again. I find the slugs don't seem to like climbing up my wooden raised beds, so as long as I can keep pots away from the edges I'm hoping I avoid them, heres hoping!