Sunday, October 11, 2009

Get your wellies on, we're off down the allotment...

Amidst the crazy world of 10 year waiting lists for a london allotment plot, we seemed to have found ourselves a plot, albeit a rather rustic rough and ready one, in the space of three weeks.

Its actually quite a sorry tale in that the allotment has been reduced by half as the council sold off the land to developers for houses and the rest was shut down for a while. However, what remains of it is being reoffered to budding allotmenteers. Not for the faint hearted mind you. The plot offered to us is the least overgrown having only been vacant for a year, so just a year's worth of rampant bramble growth to sort out.

There are three stalwart plot holders who have stayed on there, the site 'secretary' Steve being one, and we are now the fourth on site. There is space potentially for around twenty plots he thinks so hopefully more brave souls will join us in turning this ramshackle little spot into a productive allotment once again.

So, we'll begin clearing our 6ish rod plot this winter ready for sowing in the spring. Other projects will be to build ourselves a little shed and possibly help with some of the work for the replacement mains water supply planned for the site in spring, which will give us a water point at the corner of our plot.

So a new era dawns and we are very excited to have our very own piece of land. Aspirations of raspberries and rhubarb will no longer be just a dream.

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