Friday, December 15, 2006

An attempt at container-grown garlic...

It is still unbelievably mild for the time of year - high of 12 degrees today and felt even milder than that outside. It is getting dark around 3.30 in the afternoon these days though. At least we have some indication that we are in winter!

It is turning into a rather christmassy day really, this morning trooping to the local post office with a stack of parcels in an attempt to get those final presents out in time for the big day. Later today will see my first bash at making a batch of mince pies (something I have never had a go at before) with a jar of the homemade mincemeat given to us by Milly last weekend.

Back to the garden though, another mammoth raking of fallen leaves done today. Our leaf mould container is well over half full now.

Also planted 14 cloves of 'Thermidrome', an early winter variety of garlic, into two containers of well-gritted soil as it seems garlic likes a free-draining soil. I hope they will be happy in their winter home. Slightly concerned about lack of direct sunlight in the back garden at this time of year. The front of the house gets a fair bit though so I guess the pots could be brought out to the front in the day. Hmmm, maybe a little more background reading is needed...

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