Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Big Fence Project in Pictures - Sept/Oct 2006

When we moved in...

The fence was almost falling over and being dragged down by an old, unloved honeysuckle (31/07/06)

The side stretch of garden was overgrown and we had to duck under the elder branches (31/07/06)

... and then work began...

The old fence comes down and there is wood and tools everywhere! (17/09/06)

The old posts concreted in had to be dug out with a pickaxe and lots of muscle power! (21/09/06)

The boys put their backs into the digging out the old posts (23/09/06)

The new fence posts and panels go up (24/09/06)

Staining the panels to weatherproof them (which took forever!) and the final panel is torn down (15/10/06)

The general mess! There was so much old fence wood, concrete and soil taken up (15/10/06)

The finished product - this is how the garden is looking today with a new sturdy fence (14/12/06)

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