Friday, January 19, 2007

Moon Planting - Does it make a difference?

Earlier in the week I finally got around to booking the Dr Hauschka Body Treatment that I received a gift voucher for back in summer for my birthday. I went yesterday afternoon and it was heaven. 90 minutes of pure relaxation. Now I'm not just rubbing it in that I had a bit of pampering and I'm sure you are wondering what on earth this has to do with the garden!

Well, the therapist for the treatment explained at the beginning about the connection between the moon and our life force. A (slightly reduced) description of the body treatment from the website says "The treatment works with the lymphatic system to open the body to its own life forces helping to support, harmonise and strengthen this force within us as a dynamic approach to preventative healthcare."

Now I don't know much at all about life forces but I certainly feel different after the treatment and it has got me thinking. I'll be reading up on it at some point for myself, but it reminded me of biodynamic cycle growing for veg, where the moon's cycle sort of dictates what should be planted when etc. I'll look into a bit over the next week or so and my plan is perhaps to split my planting into two and grow one lot just by sowing and planting in the normal way and the other lot grown using the biodynamic chart and see if there is any difference. So, lets see what the results are after the growing seasons!

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Anonymous said...

I have just received the moon gardening 2007 and shall be looking farward to you thoughts on it!!