Friday, January 19, 2007

Signs of life in the garden

After a cosy night tucked away in the safety and shelter of the shed away from yesterday's strong winds, the garlic shoots were moved back outside again and I thought this was a good opportunity to take a few more snaps of their progress.

When I get back from town later, I am hoping to make some time to get some of the seed potatoes ready in trays for chitting. The weather forecast for the weekend still looks promising so fingers crossed we can get the digging done too!

New garlic shoots - the first new life in my garden this year


Rob Burns said...

Gosh, is that early for garlic?


TheBuddingVeggieGrower said...

Hi Rob

Not for this cultivar - Thermidrome is an autumn/winter sowing cultivar for harvesting in May. I think I planted them almost a little late though.

I use a lot of garlic in cooking and I may sow a spring/summer planting cultivar to try and grow my own garlic all year round.

It is lovely to see new shoots in January too!