Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So we might get a winter after all...

There is an article on BBC News Online today titled 'Britain braced for heavy storms'. It appears that strong winds and heavy rain are forecast for tomorrow (with snow for the colder regions and Scotland etc) followed by a drop in temperatures after the weekend.

As I am thankfully no longer a london rush-hour commuter, this type of news doesn't affect me in terms of transport disruption. Aside from concern for my containers in the garden blowing over and having to tie down our bikes etc, I am really quite pleased that we might see some actual winter weather as the cold temperatures will do great things for my london clay soil! Looking at the forecast the rain is supposed to stop by Sunday giving us a day to get the beds dug. London always seems to stay a couple of degrees warmer than the rest of the country though. We have a weird, polluted city micro-climate.

An extract from the BBC News Online article:

"Friday should be calmer", he [John Hammond from the BBC Weather Centre] added, "but the following week could see the country in the grip of a cold snap." Despite an unusually mild start to January, he warned that temperatures are likely to plummet beyond the weekend. He added: "Next week will be the first real taste of winter for most of us. There is a possibility of snow and temperatures will be struggling to rise above freezing."

Hmmm, isn't that what the weather is supposed to be like in January?

Our weather isn't a patch on what parts of the US and eastern Canada are going through right now. A friend in Toronto emailed a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that it was as mild there as it was here in the UK. I'm sure they are now knee-deep in freezing snow again.

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