Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let it snow...!

Now I know we were forecast some more traditionally wintry weather this week, but I wasn't expecting actual snow that sticks to things! Not where we live anyway!

So you can imagine the joy this morning of waking up and looking out of our kitchen door to this...

There looked like a good couple of inches on the ground. I just love the smell in the air after a snowfall, so fresh and crisp.

Sadly, the forecast for the next few days does not show any more snow - however, it is forecast to be bright and sunny this weekend, which is perfect to get started on the digging!

Here are a few more photos - I took these first thing this morning and I am so glad as it had all gone by the time I got back home this afternoon. It was just typical that the day it snowed was a day that I had to go into college - I'd have loved to spend an hour outside with my camera and the snow!


Snow caught on the wisteria above the kitchen door

(and dripping on my head as I look out!)

Snow covered hebe and rosemary

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