Monday, February 05, 2007

Olympic bid to destroy 100 year old allotments

I was very sorry to read at Veg Cottage that a thriving 100 year old allotment site in Stratford is to be bulldozed for a temporary through path for the olympic park. There is a petition to try and stop this from happening - click this link to view the petition and add your name if you wish to help.

From the petition website, the petition creators write:

"Manor Garden Allotments lies in the middle of the Olympic Park site. These beautiful, productive vegetable gardens are due to be demolished to make way for a four-week footpath during the 2012 Games despite the land being given in perpetuity. A campaign is underway to protect the allotments and encourage a more imaginative Olympic development which includes this special place with its healthy, green lifestyles and vibrant community."

To read more about this site,
Manor Garden Allotments have their own site at

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