Friday, March 16, 2007

Edible Gift: Broad Beans

Yesterday, true to his word a friend of ours brought over a large tray of very strong and healthy looking young broad beans plants he has grown. They are temporarily in the cold frame until we get time to plant them out at the weekend. All going well, we should be picking the first beans in just 6 weeks or so. They will be replaced in the summer once they have gone over with courgette plants. It is great to have something to go in the ground and fill some space.

I've decided on two varieties of sweet pea to grow up the back fence for a bit of decoration and to have something nice for cut flowers indoors. I've got seeds for 'Pip Tremewen', a rich purple colour and 'Blue Velvet' which is a wonderful inky deep purple-blue. They work nicely with my flowering theme of oranges and purples/blues that will give us fantastic bursts of bright colour amongst all the leafy greens. I'll also have blue cornflowers, bright orange calendula, orange/yellow tagetes and a mix of orange/red/yellow climbing nasturtiums. I can't wait for summer when the garden is full of colours, fruits, leaves...

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