Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekend Gardening

More seeds sown indoors this weekend and the nursery has been upgraded to a larger size to fit everything in. Our front room is now doubling up as a greenhouse for starting off seedlings - I am sure this is a familiar sight in homes across the land!

So, an update. Seeds sown on Saturday 24th:

Starting off under cover:

9 plugs of Chilli 'Newmex Twilight' (2 seeds per plug)
9 plugs of Red Pepper 'Toreador' (2 seeds per plug)
1 tray of Mint

Starting off without cover:

2 trays of Tagetes 'Golden Gem'

(The seeds were a shape that I had not seen before, sort of dart-like. As a bit of an experiment I have sown 1 tray with the seeds carefully placed in the soil on edge and the other tray I have just scattered the seeds. It will be interesting to see if there is any difference in germination.)

Seeds sown on Sunday 25th:

12x Sweet Pea 'Pip Tremewen'
12x Sweet Pea 'Blue Velvet'

(The sweet pea seeds were soaked overnight in warm water before sowing as instructed on the packet.)

Other tasks on Sunday:

The Lettuce 'Amorina' seedlings (sown 24th Feb) have been transplanted into a larger trough container now and I will be hardening them off for a couple of days before putting them out in the cold frame.

12 chitted Pink Fir Apple seed potatoes and 6 chitted Roseval seed potatoes have been planted out in potato planters outside.

The broad beans were a little damaged by recent strong winds, however our emergency covering with a clear polythene sheet seemed to have given them a good amount of protection from frost and wind. The cover has been taken off now and they are looking happy enough.

I still have more seed sowing to catch up on outdoors. The seed sowing for the moon planting experiment has also been delayed due to the recent hefty college workloads. I should be ok sowing the tomatoes in the next few days when the right element day comes around but time is ticking along.

We are having to cover any empty bed space (which is most of it at the moment) with a covering of wire mesh or the clear polythene sheeting to stop a local cat using the soil as a litter tray. We have contemplated getting a cat repellent sensor which emits a high pitch noise to keep it away from the veggie garden, or perhaps just a load of twigs stuck vertically out of the soil might prevent it from walking all over the beds.

Pests are a new thing for us as we didn't have a problem gardening on our 3rd floor deck in the old flat! We have already had to remove the bird feeder which had wild bird peanuts in from the tree as the squirrels were wrecking the bird feeder and stealing the nuts. I am considering just getting bird fat ball things instead. The next battle I am sure will be with the slugs and snails.... copper tape at the ready...

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Sarah said...

Your comment about homes up and down the land turning into seed preperation zones made me laugh, every year i lose my dining room table for a few weeks before the newbies get outside!
Happy planting!