Thursday, May 03, 2007

Born survivors

I am very pleased to see that the upside down courgette seems to be doing ok now that it has been turned the right way up. The other one looks to be pushing through the soil now too so I am hoping they will both be ok. It just goes to show that if you put a seed in soil and give in light and water it will do its best to grow, even if starts life upside down!
A born survivor - it has managed to keep growing and push its seed pod off the seed leaves

A few tiny mint seedlings seem to be hanging on too, even though most has gone over. I'll prick these out when they are just a bit bigger into a pot and sow some seeds in the pot with them to be grown outdoors.


Anonymous said...

I've got exactly the same problem with an upside down courgette! was going to see if it would right itself but maybe I need to try and turn it over like you've done.

Kim said...

I would recommend turning them the right way up as both of mine seem to be growing ok now.

If it is not very well developed yet, I'd suggest pushing it back almost under the soil to let it work its way out again.

Good luck!