Friday, May 04, 2007

Perfect Propagator

Yesterday afternoon I transplanted my 3 Pepper 'Toreador' into 7cm pots and sowed a further 9 Pea 'Ezethas Krombek Blau' (a purple pod variety of mange tout.)

I also decided to start off some of the Basil 'Dark Opal' seeds that came free this month with Grow Your Own magazine. The packet said to start them off with a bit of heat so I am trialing a new recycled 'propagator' which started life as a sushi box. These are the boxes that takeaway sushi is packaged in from Pret a Manger (other food outlets are available) and they are perfect for a mini propagator. The clear lid fits snugly on the top and it is an ideal size for the nursery (approx 15cm x 10cm.) It even has space down the side which was once used to house a little carton of soy sauce, now is a handy place to put the plant label!

Through the eyes of a gardener, everything is considered as potential recyclable goods for the garden!


Frankie Baby said...

Brilliant! I love getting take-away sushi occasionally but i feel terrible about all the packaging that can't go in the plastic recycling bins.

I feel a well justified sushi feast coming on! Marks and Spencer and Boots do them too.

Great Idea, thank you.

Unknown said...

I'm also using your tip to propagate my basil! Unfort don't have a nice little plot like you...I'm confined to a balcony in NW London.