Sunday, June 10, 2007

Flowers in the garden

Here are a few photos taken yesterday as I took a break from the college work. It is so nice to see flowers emerging amongst the mass of green in the garden...

An inky, deep purple clematis growing from next door's garden and up into our viburnum on the other side of the fence - possibly a Clematis jackmanii?

More nasturtium flowers appearing.... some vivid orange-red, one just pale yellow and another...

...yellow flushed with a red throat - such beautifully decorative flowers

There are tiny buds forming on the cornflowers too


Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through a link, and love it. I'm impressed with everything you've got growing. I'm a "newbie" gardener in Savannah, Georgia, USA so I envy your ability to still grow cooler weather crops. My lettuces bolted weeks ago! I'll keep checking back in to see how your garden grows, and wish you all the best.

Kim said...

Thanks Marion!

Yes, thankfully the british climate is pretty kind to us veggie growers.

I had the same problem with rocket bolting before we moved to our new house as I was trying to grow it in a container on a very hot and sunny west facing balcony.

I am currently growing rocket and lettuce in the coldframe which gets a small amount of direct sun in the afternoon as, well, so far so good!

Melanie Rimmer said...

Your nasturtium doesn't seem to be covered in blackfly. How do you do it?

Kim said...

They are right next to my broad beans which are home to a healthy population of black fly!

I guess they just prefer the beans to the nasturtiums?!