Friday, August 10, 2007

Restocking the cold frame

As we are still unsure how safe the seedlings are from slugs in the salad garden, today I have sown some backup salad leaves in the coldframe, just in case. I've also sown a few final peas and also some winter hardy salad onions, which will be transferred into one of the raised beds when they are big enough to handle.

In the coldframe, I tend to use lengths of drainpipe which have drainage holes drilled into the them, filled with potting compost to start off rows of seedlings and it does work really well. I'll definitely be stocking up on more drainpipe for next year. They are robust, easy to clean, easy to store without taking up much room as they can be stacked together and they also fit neatly into the coldframe without wasting any space.

Seeds sown in the coldframe today were:

- 1 pipe length of mixed leaves
(Lettuce 'Bergamo', Rocket 'Rucola', Wild Rocket and Spicy Mixed Salad Leaves)

- 2 rows in a length of pipe of Onion 'White Lisbon' (winter hardy)

- 26 x Pea 'Ezethas Krombek Blau' (purple-pod mange tout)

- 14 x Pea 'Ambassador'

The Spicy Mixed Salad Leaves were a packet that came free with 'Grow Your Own' magazine recently. This is a mixture of Mizuna, Mibuna, Mustard 'Red Giant', Greek Cress and Green Pak Choi. I am really interested to see what comes up from the sprinkling just sown - particularly having to try and identify which is which!

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