Friday, March 27, 2009

Infectious veggie growing

My grandma grows a few veggies in her garden and has just got a new greenhouse to grow her tomatoes in. My brother who lives near them has been roped in recently to help grandad with the hefty work to move the shed and put up the greenhouse and even he is catching the growing your own bug!
Talking to him today he was asking me what he could grow on his little south facing balcony. He lived in Thailand for a couple of years and grew used to eating spicy food so often cooks this way now. I mentioned that I'm going to try growing my own chilli plant from seed and put the pot on a windowsill at the front of the house (which faces south) and he is very keen to grow his own too. So, I'm going to post him half my packet of seeds and some instructions and we're both going to have a go! I have a packet of Pepper 'Chilli Shake' which came free with Grow Your Own magazine last year. I'd better get on with sowing my own seeds then!


Square Foot Hammer said...

I'm going to grow some chilli's this year too. The ones that came free with Gardeners World magazine :-) I bought som ebell-jar cloches at the weekend, so hope these will be enought to keep them growing (outside)?

Kim said...

Good luck!