Saturday, June 11, 2011

First harvest!

Today we've learned that when the stalks of garlic and onions go soft and flop over it means they are ready! We were worried that it was wind damage but it doesn't seem to be the case thankfully. So today whilst weeding the onion and garlic bed I dug up two bulbs of garlic and they look pretty good actually!

We also sowed another row of peas and beans and put up some netting on the metal frame that Steve helped us to put up a couple of weeks ago ready to tie them in when they grow. Two courgettes and a butternut squash plant also went in the ground. Little by little it is turning into a proper little veg plot!

First harvest of garlic

Front bed now with broad beans, courgettes,
butternut squash, peas and climbing beans

Pea netting!

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