Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Crops and Harvesting: In Pictures

We've only cultivated about a third of the plot so far, however there is plenty going on! Here is our summer on the plot so far...

Cabbages and Brocolli growing fast!

First signs of brocolli head
Freshly picked french beans
Courgette ready for harvesting

Late season spuds... one of our winter crops

Nothing beats the taste of fresh peas from the pod
Picking beans and peas!
Summer spud harvest!
Butternut squash doing well...
Just one squash plant and it is absolutely massive!
Yellow variety of courgette

We had a good crop of broad beans
Cabbages growing rapidly after lots of rain and sunshine!

and finally... this is what happens when you don't visit the plot for a couple of weeks or so.... we discovered a giant courgette the size of a beach ball!

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