our plot...

One plot's journey from bramble-ridden and neglected....        
 to a fully functioning and productive veg plot!
Love at first sight - our first view of the plot
October 2009
First attempt at starting to clear the brambles by hand
April 2010

We manage to clear over half to the ground by hand
April 2010

After a few attempts at chopping brambles by hand and covering areas with old carpet, the allotment party is arranged and this is how it looked when we first arrived
September 2010

Almost a year after first getting our plot - a two day overhaul with extra pairs of helping hands and some serious machinery and we can finally start to see the beginnings of our new plot
September 2010

Starting to mark out veggie beds...
November 2010

Springtime digging! With some much-appreciated help from big brother Nick
May 2011

One corner of the plot now actually resembles an allotment!
August 2011