Monday, April 02, 2007

Moon planting.... or lack of it

My moon planting experiment has sort of fallen at the first hurdle. Due to masses of project work for college I kept accidently missing the right element days to sow seeds and a little bit too much time has passed now for things like my tomatoes to do a fair experiment.

So, a new (and easier to keep to) plan. I'm going to reduce the experimental veg down to just two which should be more managable. I'll trial moon planting v standard planting with carrots and lettuce. Both are successional sowers so hopefully it will make for a fair experiment.

Tomorrow is the last root day in it's sequence so I'll sow some carrots outdoors and then I'll sow another lot the day after when the calendar has changed to a different element. Friday starts the sequence of leaf days so I'll sow some lettuce the day before and some on the right element day. That should get the experiment moving at least!

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