Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Seedlings are go...

Over the last few days there have been loads of new shoots coming up in the garden. It is very exciting when you see the first seedlings of something you haven't grown before. I love seeing what things look like when they first come up. I am just as intrigued when I open a new packet of seeds - will they be tiny and round or big and chunky...

These are the seedlings currently coming up in the veggie garden...

Beetroot 'Bolivar' - such beautifully coloured seedlings already at just a few days old

Potato shoots appearing -
these are 'Roseval' which are just showing, the 'Pink Fir Apple' seem to be a bit slower

I've spotted about 5 jerusalem artichoke seedlings coming up just this morning

Plenty of the old cornflower seeds I scattered between the shallots and where the jerusalem artichokes were sown are coming up...

Lettuce 'Amorina' which is now fully hardened off and living outside is really starting to take on its red colour - it looks absolutely beautiful at this tender young colour-changing stage

Seedlings hardening off in the cold frame -Dwarf french beans 'Tendergreen' (back) climbing nasturiums (left) and two varieties of sweet pea (right)

Having all of these delicate seedlings coming up, our old watering can with no rose attachment is really quite fierce and disturbs the soil too much. So, yesterday James came home with a brand spanking fancy new water can! It is like being upgraded from economy to business class! (I only know this after an unexpected upgrade on a flight from Dubai to Heathrow a few years ago... it is a whole new flying experience though believe me...)

Not only does the new watering can have a proper rose attachment, the attachment also can be swivelled around for a full pour function too. It has two handles for easy carrying and pouring and the top carry handle can be swivelled backward and forward. Nothing but the best for our precious veggies! (and its much more fun watering the garden now too...)

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