Saturday, April 07, 2007

Starting the salad bed

It has been a productive day in the garden today. This morning the small bed was uncovered and given a forking over before a few centremetres of fresh topsoil was spread over the top ready for sowing seeds. I've decided to have a dedicated salad bed and no doubt gaps in other beds will be filled with a bit of lettuce or the odd calendula at various stages too.

In the new salad bed I've sown a row of mixed lettuce (Salad Bowl and Amorina), a row of wild rocket, a row of whale spinach, a half row of sorrel and a row and a half of calendula. I'm going to wait at see what comes up then fill in the gaps as I have no idea how wide anything will spread. I've temporarily covered the bed with a layer of fleece to prevent the local cats from using the seemingly empty bed as a litter tray.

I spent the afternoon making pegs out of old metal coathangers (I now have a slightly sore hand from bending the wire with a pair of pliers to break it into small pieces then bending over the top to create a sort of mini tent peg) and I've used them to peg down the ground cover sheeting around the raised beds. The handcrafted pegs worked a treat and it is amazing how much neater the veggie patch looks with its new 'carpet'. We will eventually put down a layer of bark chippings over the top. It took a good couple of hours cutting the sheet to size and pegging it down, but it is very satisfying to see it finished.

The veggie patch with its new carpet of ground sheet, complete with homemade metal pegs

It is lovely to think that many other keen gardeners are no doubt busy in their own gardens this weekend too. I am really enjoying my first easter weekend of gardening with a veggie patch, and to enjoy the last of the afternoon warmth after a busy day in the garden, what better than to sit and survey your hard work with a nice hot cup of tea and some delicious easter chocolate!

mmmm.... a nice cup of tea and a sit down..... and some of my yummy chocolate bunny!

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